Treatment Approach

I really do commend you for taking steps towards self-improvement and self-discovery.  I am continually impressed by my clients’ courage to expose their internal struggles and dialogue.  So many of us struggle with an issue for years, hesitant to reach out.  We all have our own rate of progress though, and I believe sustainable change will only happen when we are truly ready.  My philosophy is that many of us can get to the solution by ourselves, but it might take less time if you have an objective person on the journey with you, guiding you along.  That is how I see my role.  I honor your strengths, experiences and overall perspective, while sharing some of my clinical knowledge and interventions to get you to your goals faster.

Clinically speaking, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the majority of my clients.  For some, treatment with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is appropriate and very effective.

I tend to give therapeutic “homework,” which are generally new coping skills to try out in between sessions.  We might do a mindfulness or breathing exercise together in session and then I’ll ask you to implement it at certain times during the week, noting its effect.  Or give you a tip on how to change up how you are currently communicating with your spouse.  There’s some trial and error to this process, but together we’ll find what will work best for you in your life with your specific dilemma.