Client Testimonials

I was having a personal and financial crisis like I had never had before. I was in trouble and I knew I needed help when I met with Rachel.  With Rachel’s help I was able to get my life going again. What Rachel was able to provide for me was a safe environment where I knew I could talk things through. She was also very insightful and challenged me to examine my own thought process. This enabled healing and starting me on a path to being a better person. Thank you Rachel….. Jerry (Denver, CO)

I would like to commend Rachel on her attentiveness to immediate problems as well as narrowing and prioritizing on a daily/weekly basis.  She goes above and beyond in her therapy sessions, understands real problems and helped me brainstorm different ways of looking at them while giving her insight.  She does her research and is more than willing to take extra time to find a resolution that is feasible for me as the client.  She is very positive and always smiling.  A.B. (Denver, CO)

I’ve been battling depression the better part of my life, along with emotional abuse.  I had little to no self-esteem at all.  Rachel agreed to see me and, of course, I was very nervous to say the least.  Rachel set me at ease right away and she knows how to talk to people that have had this type of thing happen to them.  In fact, that’s exactly what I told her when I decided to make that first call.  I just explained everything to Rachel and simply told her that I needed someone, anyone to talk to.  I’ve been a client of Rachel’s for about 10 months now and she has helped me immensely in getting reconnected socially and to feel better about myself and I do.  Rachel is a very caring individual and so understanding of the needs of her clients.  I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone that is suffering from or battling any form of mental health issues.  When you arrive at Rachel’s office she welcomes you with a sincere smile and a handshake.  She’s a very personable lady and an excellent listener as well.  As they say (and I told this to Rachel one time) “You’re a stand up person” and she truly is! Jim B. (Denver, CO)

I have been seeing Rachel for over a year and have felt very good about the entire experience I have had with her. I was in a very rough place when I first looked for a counselor. Rachel was one of the second people I spoke to and she was so compassionate and caring during our first phone call, that I immediately felt comfortable about meeting her in person.  She was very gentle and understanding if I didn’t want to discuss certain things and she has never pressured me or made me uncomfortable. She is always on time and has never missed an appointment with me.  She has strong skills and useful ideas, especially involved in cognitive behavioral therapy that have been very helpful to me. I completed two sessions of EMDR with her for past trauma in my life and I am amazed at how well it worked for me.  I am able to speak about these past events now without nearly as much discomfort or anxiety- which is one thing I was hoping the EMDR would help with and was very pleased at how well it worked.  I believe that Rachel is an excellent counselor and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good listener and strong support. Melissa (Denver, CO)

I have been in behavioral counseling for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for as long as I can remember.  I have tried numerous prescriptions all to no avail until meeting and working with Rachel Macko, LCSW.  Working with Rachel allowed me to reclaim my personal power in ways I thought no longer possible.  During the first EMDR session I resolved an issue I carried with me for over 40 years regarding a physically and verbally abusive relationship with my father.  The next EMDR session allowed me to overcome a traumatic incident in my professional life dealing with a hostile environment and chauvinistic, bigoted, supervisor that after 22 years of loyal service left me devastated.  Working with Rachel and her EMDR methods allowed me to build resilience and overcome a negative experience and recover with greater strength and resilience.  I intend to continue working with Rachel, as her expertise has helped and I believe will continue help me resolve issues from my past that have prevented me from living my life to the fullest.  I highly recommend this amazingly personable professional.  She offers a chance to recover through a natural wholeness approach to therapy. Colleen O (Denver, CO)

I want to take this opportunity to share how helpful and encouraging Rachel has been for me.
After struggling for many years to find myself, I knew I needed some help.  I knew I needed someone impartial and on the outside to help me.  I knew some of the changes that I needed and wanted to make, and with the help of Rachel, I accomplished those and even more.
I found Rachel’s website and read through some of the testimonials and was pleasantly surprised with what I read.  I contacted Rachel through email and received a prompt response (which was so important to me) and we set up an appointment for early the next week.
I was very nervous when I arrived for my first appointment.  But, within just a few minutes, I knew I was in the right place.  Rachel greeted me warmly and we easily began talking.   By the time I left her office, I knew she would be able to help me.  She immediately put me at ease.  Rachel is invested in her clients.  She is kind, compassionate, and genuine.  She is ‘down to Earth’ and real.
Sometimes I leave her office with “homework” and things to think about for the next time.  She also has suggested books that have been extremely helpful.  I do look forward to each session I have with her.  I find myself excited to tell her about a situation that happened during the week that I utilized a strategy that we had talked about.
Rachel was a great fit for me and what I needed.  I encourage you to give her a try!
Lee Ann E (Highlands Ranch)